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Bula Sautu uses national data to show the complex contributing factors that impact on health for Pacific peoples, from maternity to end of life, using a life-course approach. The report brings together a diverse range of Pacific health and equity experts to share their views of how effectively (or ineffectively) the health system is performing for Pacific peoples.

This report celebrates the achievements of the Aniva programme as part of a special event to mark the International year of the Nurse and Midwife.  This programme provides a snapshot of the research produced by some of our Masters students.

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This report outlines a Counties Manukau Health (CMH) and Ministry of Health (MOH) commissioned study about the health care experiences of Pacific families in the Auckland region who have had children admitted to hospital with rheumatic fever. The goal of this project is to contribute to improving health services provided to Pacific children with rheumatic fever, and their families.

This report describes the health equity issues faced by Pacific families and communities, highlighting approaches based on Pacific values and the strengths of Pacific communities. It was commissioned as part of the 2019 Health & Disability Services Review.

These supporting case studies profile several innovative initiatives that seek to integrate Pacific values such as family, spirituality, collectivism, reciprocity and respect in service design and delivery. Although each initiative is in its early stages (July 2019), they offer some very promising results.

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This paper, presented by Sister Vitolia Mo’a at the 2015 November Aniva Pacific Health Workforce Fono, outlines a series of thoughts on culture as a foundation for care with particular reference to the multi-cultural contexts of life and health care for Pacific people in New Zealand.

This booklet introduces the Aniva programme - highlighting some of the results and achievements we have seen, along with  a brief overview of the research conducted by our first cohort of Masters students. This research contributes to increasing our understanding of Pacific world views and how understanding these can enhance clinical practice and health services.

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