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Lisa Kitione

Researcher and Evaluator

Recent Projects

  • Ensuring equity for Pacific families: Learning from a pandemic

  • Improving Care for Cook Islands people with Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Enhancing Primary Health Care Services to Improve Health in Aotearoa New Zealand – A Stocktake of Pacific providers:

  • COVID-19 Pacific Response

  • O le fale e fau ao fau po. An evaluation of the Health Care Home programme from a Pacific World View

Lisa is a qualitative researcher, data analyst and evaluator with a strong understanding of health, education and socioeconomic equity issues for Pacific communities in New Zealand.  She has worked in primary and secondary care, tertiary and vocational education, housing and social service settings with a focus on Pacific and Māori communities.  Her interest is the use of research in the public sector and policy methods that are responsive to a broadened range of evidence and perspectives to influence analysis, decision-making and practice.

Lisa’s background in the public sector is as a lawyer and policy analyst. She has a Master in Public Policy and was a recipient of the Victoria University Bernard Galvin Prize for application of economic analysis to public management.

Areas of Expertise/Key Skills

Public Health

Qualitative Research, data analysis and synthesis


Qualifications and Accreditations



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