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Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Aniva Future Pacific Nursing Leaders (Aniva Futures) programme is to reduce barriers to the success of indigenous Pacific nursing students and decrease the gap between the achievement of Pacific and other students, for each of the participating tertiary education institutions (TEIs).

The design of interventions and measures of effectiveness must be underpinned by evidence, drawn from analysis of data on students, their enrolments and achievement, course requirements and existing support mechanisms. Implementation of the programme requires verifying participating students’ personal and enrolment information for eligibility.

Pacific Perspectives Limited has been engaged by the Ministry of Health to design and deliver the Aniva Futures programme. That requires analysis of student data, verifying student eligibility and tracking participating students’ enrolment and achievement. Participating TEIs have agreed as part of their memoranda of understanding with Pacific Perspectives Limited to supply data for the purpose of undertaking that analysis and verification.


The statement below sets out how the Aniva Futures programme will manage the data, protect the privacy of students and enable TEIs to fulfil their obligations in relation to privacy.


Privacy Principles

Our principles are:                       

  • All uses of data relating to learners must be ethical, transparent and focused on improving student success.

  • We are guided by an advisory group that includes representatives from the tertiary education, nursing and health sectors. This group that will provide guidance on direction and progress. The Aniva Futures programme is committed to a “no surprises” relationship with the advisory group. 

  • The programme deliverables and reports will present only aggregated data to protect the privacy of individual learners.

  • Each TEI retains ownership over their data. These data will not be shared with any third parties without explicit prior agreement of each individual TEI.

  • We acknowledge that each TEI is committed to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and will undertake to uphold these principles as part of the programme.


Application of the Privacy Act 2020

In managing, analysing and reporting on the data, the Aniva Futures programme undertakes to uphold the updated principles of the Privacy Act 2020, in particular:

  • Principle 1 – we will only request and receive data that is needed for the programme. Any additional data that is received will be deleted before use.

  • Principle 5 – safeguards will be in place that are reasonable in the circumstances to prevent loss, misuse or disclosure of personal information. The data will be transferred from each TEI to the Aniva Futures programme using the TEI’s preferred file transfer protocol. The Aniva Futures programme’s file transfer protocol of choice is, which meets GDPR privacy standards.

  • Principle 9 - The data will be held for a period of seven years after the end date of the Aniva Futures programme and at that point disposed of securely.

  • Principle 10 – The data will be used to design interventions, verify student eligibility, and measure effectiveness of the programme. It will not be used for any other purpose unless otherwise specified and approved by the relevant TEI.

  • Principle 13 – Unique identifiers (in particular, National Student Number) will be used to track the learner through their learner lifecycle. No other agency unique identifiers will be collected or used.


Data breaches

In the unlikely event of a data breach:

  • TEIs which are directly affected will be informed via phone call, and the advisory group in its entirety will be informed via email as soon as practically possible. This communication will include:

    • The data that has been breached.

    • How it happened.

    • What is being done to fix the breach.

    • Work will cease immediately and will not resume until given the all clear from the advisory group.

    • Prior to work resuming, a full report on the breach will be presented to the advisory group which will include steps that have been taken to ensure the breach does not happen again.


The nature of the data supplied

In order to undertake the programme, the following information about learners is required:

  • Application information

  • Enrolment information

  • Educational achievement data

  • Learners’ personal information (name, citizenship, date of birth, address)

  • Demographic information (ethnic identification, gender, age)

  • Unique identifiers (National Student Number)

  • Student Identification Number (Student ID).


A detailed specification has been prepared and distributed to the participating TEIs, laying out the variables sought, the students/applicants covered by the request and the years covered. 

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