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Improving Health Care for Cook Islands people with Chronic Kidney Disease

Project Dates

Start Date: 1 Dec, 2020

End Date: 31 May, 2023


Dr Suitafa Debbie Ryan

Lisa Kitione

Jean Mitaera

Dr Corina Grey

Dr Timothy Stokes

Manogi Taviliniu-Eiao


Published: Not yet published

Project Aim

Our aim is to improve understanding of how patients and their families interact with health providers along complex pathways of care, in order to identify factors that facilitate and prevent access to high-quality services. We will explore how patients and families respond to services that to them can appear disconnected and not aligned to their needs. Our focus is on Cook Islands people, the third largest Pacific ethnic group in NZ, and the locational context of the research is the Capital and Coast DHB region. Our aim is to contribute evidence to guide the development of care pathways for long term conditions, at multiple levels of the health system, that will enhance services for Pacific people and their families.


  • Qualitative interviews with Cook Islands patients with CKD and their families to increase our understanding of the perspectives and experiences of Cook Islands patients and their families regarding health and social care pathways for CKD

  • Qualitative interviews with health care providers to determine the barriers and enablers to the provision of accessible, high-quality, patient centred care for Cook Islands patients with CKD

Related Publications

Literature Review - Patient Experience Working Title - Publication in development

Authors: Kitione, L; Grey, C; Ryan, D

This paper provides a summary of our review of literature relating to patient and family experiences of CKD.

Chronic Kidney Disease: Burden of disease and equitable implementation of health pathways Publication in development

Authors: Kitione, L; Eiao, M; Sonder, G; Grey, C; Mitaera, J; Ryan, D

This paper draws on our literature review of … and work undertaken to document the CKD care pathway. It describes current clinical knowledge and best practice guidelines (for example, 2023 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease) spanning public health and primary care, secondary and tertiary prevention and care. The paper discusses equity and implementation issues for Cook Islands and, more generally, Pacific peoples across the care pathway.   

Patient and Family Interviews Working title - Publication in development

Authors: Kitione, L; Mitaera, J; Temehari; Eiao, M; Kimiora, H; Grey, C; Ryan, D

Patient and family interviews: Cook Islands focus - Cook Islands methodology and methods (recruitment). Contributions of the Cook Islands Advisory Group.

Key Informant Interviews - Working title - Publication in development

Authors: Ryan, D; Eiao. M; Temehari; Mitaera, J, Kitione, L; Grey, C

This paper focuses on the perspectives of providers and people working in the CKD sector and provides an overview of our key informant interviews. It outlines our use of the Framework Method for the management and analysis of data; results; and a discussion of key themes, findings, and implications of the research. 

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