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Pacific Health Service Hutt Valley Pacific Population Health Profile

Project Dates

Start Date: 18 Sept, 2023

End Date: Currently in progress


Dr Debbie Ryan

Brenden Mischewski

David Nicholson

Dr Gerard Sonder

Project Aim

The purpose of this project is for the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Southern to better understand the population profile, needs and priorities of the Pacific community it serves, which aligns with the MSD National Pacific Prosperity Strategy. The research project will provide a population profile and data on key demographics like employment, income, health, housing and education, which will help inform MSD Southern funding decisions and service delivery, and champion Pacific Prosperity by enabling an authentic, safe, strong, and independent pathway for our Pacific families and communities.


  • To report the population profile of the Pacific community living across the Southern Region of MSD, including key population statistics and demographics, and recommendations to effectively meet the population needs.

  • To build a Pacific population profile and insights to act as the baseline for a longitudinal research project which will develop a deeper cultural understanding of Pacific communities and families living in the Southern Region of MSD for MSD planning purposes.

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