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Welcome to
pacific perspectives

Our purpose is to strengthen the evidence base for Pacific health and wellbeing and support Pacific workforce and provider development.

With expertise in public health, primary care, public policy, evaluation and Pacific research methodologies, we support the implementation of more integrated, effective and accessible health and social services. We do this by developing, translating and disseminating research and locally contextualised insights.

Our Story

About Pacific Perspectives

Pacific Perspectives Ltd is an independent Pacific provider established in 2012 by Papali’i Dr Suitafa Debbie Ryan, a Samoan clinician and Pacific policy specialist. We have twelve years’ experience delivering for Pacific communities in NZ through our services to government organisations, regulatory agencies, NGOs and other organisations across the health, social services and education sectors. We have a core staff of skilled consultants as well as relationships with senior academics and consultants that enable us to provide a broad range of services across a variety of contexts and issues.


Our focus has been on supporting national Pacific policy as well as local implementation challenges, and we work by providing evidence to a range of decision makers at different levels, that can support policy change and the delivery of services that are culturally responsive and tailored to local contexts. We have also partnered with Pacific leaders to design and deliver Pacific health leadership and workforce development programmes, such as the Aniva Master of Professional Practice qualification, that now includes an alumni of more than 220 senior Pacific nurses.

Our Services

Research and


Working with organisations  strengthen policy, strategy and decision making by supporting   analytical capacity and using evidence to support operational capacity and service improvement.

Cultural Competence

Providing insights to improve organisations cultural competence and the processes for working to improve outcomes for Pacific peoples.




Listening and understanding the experiences of Pacific communities and translating that into solutions.




Analysing, understanding and delivering opportunities for training and capability development and building a community of practice around Pacific health.




Helping organisations respond to drivers of change and to identify opportunities for improvement.

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