Examples Of Our Work

​World Health Organisation and NZ Heart Foundation (2013)                 

Health Promotion Framework: evaluation of Pacific faith-based organisations

This project involved evaluating the effectiveness of faith-based organisations in the Pacific region as a mechanism to support health promotion activities undertaken by the World Health Organisation. The project involved development of two interview tools; completion of a desktop review; a review of relevant international literature; and interviews with Pacific faith-based organisations and national-level stakeholders in four South Pacific countries.


Health Research

Health Research Council and Ministry of Health (2011 – 2012)

Primary Care for Pacific Peoples: A Pacific and Health Systems Approach. An 18-month research programme.

This research project sought to improve knowledge about the most effective ways to improve Pacific peoples access to and use of primary care.  Pacific Perspectives  facilitated 36 focus groups with 300 Pacific peoples in the Auckland metro region, the Wellington region, Hamilton and Christchurch.  The ethnic specific focus groups consisted of between 10-15 participants from seven different ethnic groups.  Specific focus groups were held for young people, New Zealand born Pacific young people as well as older migrants.  The focus groups were held in Pacific ethnic languages including Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Māori, Niuean, Tokealaun, ni Kiribati and Tuvaluan.  The project was delivered on time within budget.


The final report is available here:  Primary Care Pacific People Pacific and Health Systems approach – PDF


Consumer Engagement and Consultation

Maternity Care Experiences of Teen, Young, Māori, Pacific and Vulnerable Mothers at Counties Manukau Health

Counties Manukau District Health Board (2013)

The project involved conducting a series of interviews (10) and focus groups (5) with Pacific mothers facing barriers to accessing maternity care, and identifying what is working well with the funder’s current maternity care system and where improvements can be made.  This project used a realistic evaluation approach.  It included a document review and qualitative data collection, analysis and report writing.


The final report is available here: Counties Manukau Health Maternity Care Experiences Report – PDF


Organisational Design

Alliance Health Plus Joint Purchasing Project (2014)

The JPP work programme was developed to support  four Pacific-led primary care providers to become centres of excellence in delivering health and social care services to Pacific and high need populations.  The work was specifically focused around service improvement that demonstrates health outcomes for Pacific families. This project included working with Alliance Health Plus PHO and four Pacific providers in South Auckland  (Mangere, Mt Wellington, Onehunga, Otara) who provide services to patients that are part of the Counties Manukau Community.


Pacific Health Workforce Development

Ministry of Health

Aniva Pacific Health Workforce Development Programme

The development of Pacific health professionals and the unregulated health workforce is recognised as a key contributor to the reduction of inequalities in health outcomes between Pacific and other New Zealanders. To improve health outcomes for Pacific people we must target funding towards programmes that support Pacific People to be effective clinical leaders and to pursue career pathways in the health sector.


The Aniva Pacific Health Workforce Programme aims to support these current and future health workers pursue career pathways that enable them to develop the technical skills and understanding of cross-cultural issues they need to effectively advocate for change in the delivery of health services to better meet the needs of Pacific populations. The programme includes:

  • Support members of the Pacific nursing workforce to progress into clinical, educational leadership and management positions by providing opportunities for them to undertake a tailored Master of Nursing programme and by providing access to master classes and other professional development;

  • Support Pacific people to attain registration as midwives

  • Support Pacific people working in the unregulated health workforce to achieve New Zealand Qualification Authority accredited qualifications;

  • Support employers to utilise the skills and competencies developed by Pacific nurses and unregulated health workers;

  • Provide back-office assistance to the eight Pacific Health Professional Organisations to help ensure their ongoing viability and allowing them to focus on developing their membership; and

  • Direct investment through the Aniva programme to PHPOs based on their alignment to the aims of the MOH’s strategies for the development of the Pacific health workforce.


For more information visit www.aniva.co.nz.